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The Girl in the Lighthouse is a three track EP by Adelaide-based artist Highgarden. It is based on a fairy tale-like romantic short story written by Stuart Mann. It follows three conceptual acts each with their own musical theme that relates to the story on which it is based.

Track Listing Edit

  1. "Act I - The Crimson Sunset" - 3:41
  2. "Act II - The Clouds Open Above Her Head" - 5:30
  3. "Act III - The Beautiful Sunrise" - 6:42

Personnel Edit


  • Stuart Mann - percussion, vocals
  • Sam Morris - guitar
  • Henry Phillips - bass, vocals
  • Max Tulysewski - drums

Additional Musicians

  • Emma Luker - violin
  • Bek Fearnley - piano
  • Patrick Reed - saxophone, vocals
  • Bennett Lusher - flute
  • Bec Hall - vocals
  • Georgia James - violin, vocals
  • Violet Ogden - vocals


  • Gavin O'Loghlen - Engineer, Mixing
  • Stuart Mann - Engineer, Mixing

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